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Apples Book

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Photographic artist SameSource presents 50 new photos in a series called Apples. The series consists of Still Life–meets–Fine Art Nudejuxtaposition, featuring the forbidden fruit (with all its societal overtones) and the allure of the female form for which it often serves as metaphor. With the apple representing temptation and the duplicity of both female susceptibility and female seduction in various mythologies, this offers fertile ground for a dialogue about sexual imagery of women that SameSource attempts to make playful and thoughtful. The paradox of sexual power and objectification runs throughout this work. Each shot has a different statement. Some lean more toward beauty. Some arousal. Some confrontation. The apple has been a potent symbol in Western art as long as the latter has existed.
8"X8" Hardcover Fine Art Book
Apples, 2017. SameSource Fine Art Publications, ISBN: 9781366155986